70-year anniversary

The year 2018 is here and Saintex is celebrating its 70-year anniversary! We are very proud of our history and 7 decades of Finnish work but even more exited we are about the future and what it brings.

Even in the midst of anniversary festivities it is important to remember that no company should ever stop learning and developing. “One of the most notable changes during recent years for Saintex has been adapting the Lean way of working”, says CEO Susanna Blomqvist. “We are constantly trying to be more efficient and next big step for us will be introducing a new ERP system to our processes.”

All in all, digitalization brings lots of new possibilities to the work life in increasing speed and Saintex’s aim is to be a part of that change. In addition to the company already being present in social media channels such as Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook, a good example of the new way of integrating digital content to fairly traditional products is the Smart-Reflector created in 2016.

“Furthermore, our will to develop and stay around at least for another 70 years has made us take an even closer look of why we actually exist”, Blomqvist sums. “These are things we cannot take for granted and by recognizing them we are aiming to create even bigger value for our customers and stakeholders.”

So, lots has happened during the decades and hopefully many good things still to come – not to say the least the Saintex 70th anniversary party! But for now let’s not give too much away, stay tuned…